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The Effect of Eye Health on School Success

Since children's awareness level is not as high as adults, they may often not be aware of their eye defects. For this reason, it becomes extremely important for parents to closely monitor the differences and possible symptoms in their children and take them for a routine eye examination.

70 - 80% of what we see in the first 12 years of our lives is acquired through visual stimuli. Therefore, having good eye health from the moment we are born affects us both psychologically and academically. Especially the fact that the sense of sight has such an impact on learning increases the importance of vision health.

The Importance of Early Diagnosis and Treatment

As in all areas of health, children Early diagnosis and treatment are extremely important in eye health. In many eye problems such as refractive eye defects, amblyopia, and strabismus, diagnosing the problem at an early stage both shortens the treatment process and increases the likelihood of a positive outcome of the treatment.

Eye Defects Affect School Success

The place where children's vision problems are noticed is usually school. Most of the time, with the awareness of their teachers, families realize that there is a problem and resort to eye examination. Children's eye problems often reduce their interest in school and lessons. For this reason, a serious decrease can be observed in their academic success. It becomes difficult to follow the lesson, it is difficult to read a book or write because it may cause a headache, it is difficult to follow the board or course materials because its vision is blurred, and as a result, apathy occurs.

For this reason, children's routine eye examination and especially Routine eye screening of school-aged children before they start school is extremely important.

Symptoms to Watch Out for

  • Watching television too closely,
  • Watering in the eyes,
  • Trying to see by squinting,
  • Following with your finger while reading a book,
  • Blinking or rubbing the eyes frequently,
  • Headache as a result of reading and writing,
  • Reading by moving closer to one eye,

If you observe one or more of the above symptoms in your child, consult a specialist ophthalmologist without delay. You need to take it for examination. Especially in childhood, the treatment of many eye defects can be carried out much faster and with a permanent effect.


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