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What is a cookie?

Cookies, also known as "cookies", can be used on our sites (using mobile and desktop devices).venividigoz.comis a small text file or information saved on your computer or mobile device (such as a smartphone, tablet) when you visit it. Cookies generally contain the names of the websites they come from, their lifetimes and values consisting of random numbers.

What Do We Use It For?

We use cookies to make our site easier to use and to adjust it according to your interests and needs. . Websites can read and write these cookie files, and in this way, important information about you is remembered (such as remembering your preference settings) in order to be recognized and to offer you a more suitable website.

Cookies also help speed up your future movements on our site. It is possible. In addition, we may use cookies to collect statistical information about the use of our site in order to understand how visitors use our site and to improve the design and usability of our site.

Venividigoz.comIt uses cookies

to personalize users' use of the website, mobile application and/or mobile site. This use;

Cookies that record your password and ensure that your website/mobile application/mobile site session remains open at all times, thus saving you from the trouble of entering your password more than once on each visit, and cookies that save your password and access to the website, mobile application and/or mobile site. It contains cookies that remember and recognize the user on subsequent visits.

From where and from which devices users connect to the website, mobile application and/or mobile site, what content they view on the website/mobile application/mobile site and the duration of the visit. Including determining how you use the site/mobile application/mobile site; The website uses the mobile application and/or mobile site to determine how the user uses it.

Which Types Do We Use?

Session cookies and persistent cookies. We use two types of cookies across our sites. Session cookies are temporary cookies and are valid only until you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain on your hard disk until you delete them or they expire (in this way, how long the cookies remain on your device will depend on the "lifespan" of the cookies).

Third Party Cookies

We may allow our business partners, advertising platforms, social media platforms and these service providers used throughout our site, which provide analytical information collection services, to save cookies on your devices on our behalf when you visit our sites so that they can provide their services. For more information about these cookies and detailed information on how to control these cookies, please review the privacy policies or cookie policies of these third party institutions and organizations.

Venividigoz.com cookies also; search engines,Venividigoz.com website, mobile application or mobile site and/orVenividigoz.com may use it to present you advertisements that it thinks may be of interest to you when you visit the websites where the site advertises. To this end; website, mobile application, mobile site and other websites in order to offer you special advertisements.Venividigoz.com It uses information about your previous visits to the websites, mobile application and/or mobile site where the site advertises. While presenting these personalized advertisements,Venividigoz.com A unique third-party cookie may be placed on your browser so that it can recognize you.Venividigoz.comalso Google, Inc. It uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how users use the website, mobile application and/or mobile site with statistical information/reports. For more information about the use of Google Analytics (including opt-out options), you can visit: http://www.google.com/intl/tr/policies/privacy/#infocollect

How can you control or delete cookies?

Most internet browsers are set to automatically accept cookies by default. You can change these settings to block cookies or alert you when cookies are sent to your device. There are several ways to manage cookies. To get detailed information about how to adjust your browser settings, please refer to the instruction or help screen of your browser.

Depending on your internet browser type, you can obtain information about cookies and exercise your right to allow or reject them by following the steps below:

Google Chrome: You can allow or block cookies from the "Cookie" tab by clicking the "lock sign" or the letter "i" in the "address section" of your browser.

Internet Explorer: On the right side of your browser. Click on the "Security" tab in the "Tool" or "Tools" Section in the upper corner and manage your cookies by selecting "allow" or "don't allow".

Mozilla Firefox: Click on the "Security" tab in the upper right corner of your browser. Click the “open menu” tab. Manage your cookies by clicking on the "Options" image and using the "Privacy and Security" button.

For other browsers (such as Opera, Microsoft Edge), you can review the help or support pages of the relevant browser.

Safari: You can select the "safari" tab from the "Settings" section of your phone and manage all your cookies from the "Privacy and Security" Section.

If you disable the cookies we use, this actionVenividigoz.com may affect your user experience on the site; for exampleVenividigoz.com You may not be able to view certain parts of the site orVenividigoz.com When you visit the website, you may not be able to access the information customized for you.

Venividigoz.com If you use different devices to view the site (e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), you will need to ensure that each browser on each of these devices is set to match your cookie preferences.

In order to provide you with a better service, we place cookie on our site. Your personal data is collected and processed within the scope of KVKK and GDPR.
For detailed information, you can review Our Data Policy / Information Text. By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies.