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Op. Dr. Vusal Guliyev


Educational Background
Azerbaijan Medical University, Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology

Area of Expertise
< /strong>Eye Diseases


1 – Turkish Ophthalmology Association
2 – Turkish Republics Ophthalmology Association
3 – Sakarya Medical Chamber


1 – Wyndham Grand Kalamış Marina Hotel 21 March 2017
2 – Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Moda/ Kadıköy (Prof. Dr. Murat Karaçorlu “Retinal Rigidity and Treatment in Pachychoroid Spectrum Retinal Detachment 27 November 2017
3 – Foundation Stones in Glaucoma (Prof. Dr. Nevbahar Tamçelik) Wyndham Grand Kalamış Marina Hotel 16 January 2018
4 – Developments and Interesting Cases in Corneal Refractive Surgery (Prof. Dr. Orkun Müftüoğlu – Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Moda) 7 February 2018
5 – Optical Design of Multifocal-Trifocal Lenses and Their Reflections in the Clinic (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zeki Tunç – Wyndham Grand Kalamış Marina Hotel) 21 March 2018
6 – Posterior Segment Injuries and Post-Traumatic Light in Ocular Trauma Cases Approach to the Blind Eye (Prof. Dr. Peykan Türkçüoğlu – Double Tree By Hilton Moda Hotel) 4 May 2018
7 – Functional Medicine with Questions (Dr. Mustafa Atasoy – Wyndham Grand İstanbul Kalamış Marina Hotel) 18 September 2018
8 – Tube Implantation in Glaucoma, Difficult Cases and Solutions (Prof. Dr. Ilgaz Yalvaç – Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamış Marina Hotel) 19 March 2019
9 – Vitreoretinal Interface Pathologies and Surgery (Prof. Dr. Peykan Türkçüoğlu- Wyndham Grand İstanbul Kalamış Marina Hotel) 11 April 2019
10 – Keratoplasty and Artificial Cornea in Difficult Cases (Prof. Dr. Orkun Müftüoğlu Wyndham Grand Kalamış Marina Hotel) 28 May 2019

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