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Op. Dr. Ragıp Gürsel


Educational Background
Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital

Area of Expertise
Cataract Surgery, Refractive (Laser) Surgery, Keratoconus, Strabismus


1 – Turkish Ophthalmology Association
2 – American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS)
3 – American Academy of Ophthalmology AAO


1 – Intralase Surgery
2 – ReLEx_lenticule thickness SMILE surgery
3 – EVO Visian ICL Phakic IOL Surgery
4 – Corneal Cross Linking
5 – Keraring intrastromal corneal ring
/>6 – Ocular and Corneal Wavefront Analysis
7 – Advanced Surgical Techniques for Phacoemulsification
8 – Refractive Laser and Advanced Technology IOL


1 – Evaluation of clinical findings and ocular involvement in patients with cutaneous anthrax. Gürsel R, Karakurt A, Yalçın M, Eroğlu M, tTOD XXIX. Ophthalmology Congress. 1995.
2 – Change in biometric measurements in patients with regulated blood sugar. Saryeğen S, Gürsel R, Hasıripi H, Recep ÖF, Yalçın M. tod xxıx. ophthalmology congress.1995. antalya.
3 – Topical mitomycin-c application in the treatment of vernal conjunctivitis Akpek EK, Albayrak L, Kalaycı D, Gürsel R..tod xxviii. ophthalmology congress.1994.antalya.
4 – Examination of intranasal surgical ostium in external dacryocystorhinostomy with nasal endoscopy Yalçın M, Yalçın F, Gürsel R, …. TOD oculoplastic surgery spring symposium.1996.
5 – Incidence of secondary glaucoma in uveitis. Batman A, Elgin U, Berker N, Gürsel R, Turkish Journal of Ophthalmology 2001;31(5):670-672
6 – The effect of latanoprost applied once daily on central cor pachymetry. Elgin U, Polat S., Gürsel R, Çankaya B. SOE 2001 poster presentation
7 – The effect of betaxalol use in preventing glaucomatous visual field defects in cases with ocular hypertension Elgin U, İlhan B, Batman A, Gürsel R, ….MN -journal of ophthalmology 2002;9(1):24-25
8 – In primary open angle glaucoma; Comparison of the effect of latanoprost applied as a single dose in the evening or in the morning on intraocular pressure with timolol maleate. Elgin U, İlhan B,Gürsel R,… Turkish journal of ophthalmology 2003;33(2/1):260-264
9 – Acute retinal pigment epitheliitis Özge Güngör, Ahmet Şengün, Sinan Sarıcaoğlu, Ragıp Gürsel, Ahmet Karakurt journal of retina, 2003
10 – Choroidal neovascularization in central serous chorioretinopathy Ahmet Şengün, Gülseren Gül, Ragıp Gürsel, H. Haluk Akbatur, Hikmet Hasıripi- journal of retina 2004
11 – Choroidal neovascularization in central serous chorioretinopathy Ö Güngör , A Şengün, R Gürsel… Retina-Vitreous – 2004;12(1):54-57
12 – Glaucoma and increased central corneal thickness in aphakic and pseudophakic patients after congenital cataract surgery T Simsek, AH Mutluay, U Elgin , R Gursel… – British Journal of Ophthalmology 2006
13 – Complications of surgical treatment in congenital cataracts ÇÜ Can, R Gürsel, B İlhan, S Polat MN-ophthalmology journal 2006;13(4):284-287
14 – Duane retraction syndrome: clinical findings and surgical results Çiğdem Can, Ragıp Gürsel, Ayşe H Mutluay, Sibel Polat, Bayazıt İlhan, MN-ophthalmology journal 2007;14(3):171-173
15 – Increased seropositivity of helicobacter pylori cytotoxin-associated gene-a in behçet's disease Apan TZ, Gürsel R, Dolgun A. Clin Rheumatol. 2007 jun;26(6):885-
16 – Newly diagnosed asymptomatic retinal astrocytic hamartoma in an older adult. Gündüz AK, Shields CL, Gürsel R. Retin cases brief rep fall 2020;14(4):352-354.


1 – XIII Afro-Asian Congress Ophthalmology 2004 Istanbul, Turkey
2 – 15th ESCRS Winter Meeting 2011 Istanbul, Turkey
3 – 19th ESCRS Winter Meeting 2015 Istanbul, Turkey
4 – 23rd ESCRS Winter Meeting 2019 Athens, Greece
5 – 38th ESCRS Congress 2020 Virtual
6 – TOD 28th National Ophthalmology Congress.1994
7 – TOD 29th National Ophthalmology Congress, Antalya 1995
8 – TOD 31st National Ophthalmology Congress, Istanbul 1997
9 – TOD 34th National Ophthalmology Congress, Antalya 2000
10 – TOD 36th National Ophthalmology Congress, Ankara 2002
11 – TOD 38th National Ophthalmology Congress, Antalya 2004
12 – TOD 39th National Ophthalmology Congress, Antalya 2005
13 – TOD 41st National Ophthalmology Congress Antalya 2007
14 – TOD 44th National Ophthalmology Congress Antalya 2010
15 – TOD 45th National Ophthalmology Congress Kyrenia 2011
16 – TOD 46th National Ophthalmology Congress Antalya 2012
17 – TOD 48th National Ophthalmology Congress Antalya 2014
18 – TOD 50th National Ophthalmology Congress, Antalya 2016
19 – TOD 52nd National Ophthalmology Congress, Antalya 2018
20 – TOD Ocular Infection Symposium 1994 Adana
21 – TOD 12th March Symposium, Difficult Cases in Ophthalmology With Current Approach
22 – TOD Treatable Macular Diseases symposium 1995 June Çeşme İzmir
23 – TOD 18th Spring Symposium Innovations in Glaucoma Diagnosis and Surgery
24 – TOD April 14th Course Ankara, Contact Lens
br />25 – TOD 16th April Course Ankara, Strabismus
26 – TOD April 17th Course Ankara, Eye Injuries
27 – TOD April 26th Course Ankara, Glaucoma
28 – TOD April 29. Course Ankara, Cataract
29 – TOD 32. April Course Ankara, Pediatric Ophthalmology
30 – TOD 35. April Course Ankara Cornea, Refractive Surgery and Contact Lens
31 – TOD 37. April Course Ankara, Strabismus
32 – TOD 40th April Course Ankara, Cataract
33 – TOD 33rd Spring Symposium Istanbul, Cataract and Refraction Surgery
34 – BAK: Our Roadmap in Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment – Approach with Facts 09 February 2019 TODEM Ankara

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