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Laser Treatment for Dry Eyes – IRPL

Dry eye disease is generally a chronic and difficult to treat disease. Many of the medications used do not eliminate the causes of dryness and ensure that the ocular surface remains moist to prevent the eyes from drying out.

Dry Eye Symptoms

  • Adhesive in and around the eye. a discharge,
  • Redness in the eyes and excessive feeling of burning eyes,
  • When using contact lenses Factors such as stinging sensation, itching sensation, hypersensitivity and blurred vision,
  • Stinging sensation and extreme tingling in the eye,
  • Feeling like an object has entered the eye, chronic eye fatigue, eye It is enough to understand its dryness.


How is IRPL Light Therapy Performed?

With IRPL Light Therapy, after a special gel is applied to both eyelids, IRPL laser is applied to the skin. Dysfunctional and blocked glands are opened, and the patient feels immediate relief along with a feeling of warmth. When the oil layer on the surface of the tears returns, a significant decrease and improvement in dryness complaints is observed. The treatment is performed by applying a special gel to both eyelids and then laser application on the skin. The application takes a total of 2 minutes for both eyes. The patient does not feel any discomfort or pain during the treatment or when he goes home after the treatment.

The treatment should be done in a total of 3-4 sessions, 15 days apart. Patients do not feel any redness or pain and can continue their social life in the same way. With laser treatment, which does not have any side effects or risks, patients feel that their dry eye complaints are completely gone or reduced significantly.

Dry eye if left untreated The person becomes unable to open his eyes and his eyelids stick to the eye surface. These adhesions cause pain every time the patient tries to open his or her eyes. If left untreated, new vessels appear along with the rashes and cover the cornea, and permanent visual impairments and even blindness may occur.

WhyIRPL Light Therapy for Dry Eye?

  • No discomfort or pain is felt during and after the treatment.
  • Treatment is performed on both eyes in the same session.
  • The application takes a total of 2 minutes for both eyes.
  • Since there is no redness or pain after the treatment, patients can return to their social lives immediately.
  • IRPL treatment does not have any side effects or risks.
  • Tears. While drops keep the eye surface temporarily moist, with IRPL Treatment and Laser treatment, patients feel that their dry eye complaints are completely gone or significantly reduced.
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