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Our eyes constitute the most important aesthetic area in the upper part of the face. In your social life, we always make eye contact in everything. The most looked at anatomical area in mass communication is our eyes. For this reason, bags, under-eye bruises and wrinkles, which are among the aesthetic problems under the eyes, disturb the person. You can only hide under-eye dark circles with cosmetic products, you cannot hide wrinkles and under-eye bags with cosmetic products. Under-eye problems also give the face a more tired and older expression.

Eye corner fillers can be used for problems under the eyes and crow's feet.

Very important vascular and nerve structures are seen under the eyes, this For this reason, great care should be taken when applying under-eye filler and it should be treated meticulously.

Who is Not Suitable for Under-Eye Filling?

    • Active areas around the eyes. If there is an infection,
    • If the patient is a woman, during pregnancy and breastfeeding,
    • If there is severe elastosis (under-eye bag) in the under-eye skin, the filling procedure cannot be performed.


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