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Cataract in Babies and Children

Cataract is the loss of transparency of our natural lens located behind the pupil. In this case, the quality of vision deteriorates at first and may progress to blindness if not intervened in the future. Although cataract is considered a problem related to old age, it can also be seen in newborn babies. Cataract is the leading cause of preventable blindness in childhood.

This problematic condition, known as congenital cataract or congenital cataract, is caused by the damage of the lens in the eye. It is the loss of its transparent structure on one or both sides. If congenital cataract prevents vision or is unilateral, surgery should be performed immediately after a detailed eye examination. Early diagnosis and treatment for congenital cataracts is extremely important; Because the sense of vision cannot develop, the later the operation is performed, the lower the success rate. One of the most important problems caused by congenital cataracts in the eye is lazy eye. In case of amblyopia, a detailed examination should be performed by consulting an ophthalmologist and surgery should be performed upon the decision of the ophthalmologist.

Symptoms of Congenital Cataract

  • Does not look around and does not follow objects.
  • The pupil is white or a white light comes from time to time.
  • Sensitivity to light occurs.
  • Foggy vision is experienced.

Parents can detect congenital cataracts by monitoring their children. If one or more of the above symptoms appear or are suspected, the child should be examined by a specialist ophthalmologist immediately. Because early diagnosis and treatment are extremely important in terms of congenital cataracts.

Causes of Congenital Cataract

  • Diseases suffered by the mother during pregnancy.
  • Some medications used by the mother during pregnancy.
  • Exposure to x-rays.
  • Genetic causes.

Congenital cataract may have many causes. The above reasons are the most common among them. Genetic causes are seen in approximately 30% of congenital cataracts.

Treatment of Congenital Cataract

The only treatment for congenital cataracts is surgery. This surgical procedure is different from the cataract procedure performed in adults. Children under the age of 2 are operated on without implanting an intraocular lens. Babies under the age of 2 who have had surgery on both eyes are implanted with an intraocular lens over the age of 4. If the baby is single If the eye has been operated on, intraocular lens implantation is performed around the age of 2.5.

 cataracts in babies and children

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