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What is Botox Application?

botulinum toxin, a toxin substance that temporarily prevents muscle movements, is used.

Botox. ; It is applied to alleviate the appearance of lines around the eyes and forehead wrinkles as much as possible.

Botox application is generally applied for deep wrinkles on the forehead, wrinkles around the eyes, between the eyebrows, and on the side of the nose.

Botox application is micro-thin. It is injected into the muscles with needles.

Botox application is administered directly into the muscles with thin needles. Its effect begins to be seen within 4-7 days after the procedure and takes its final form within 10-15 days, lightening the lines and preventing the formation of new wrinkles.

Wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes (crow's feet), between the eyebrows, side wall of the nose, neck skin and Bands are formed as a result of the contraction of the facial muscles in the face and neck. The lines between the eyebrows and on the side wall of the nose cause an angry facial expression, the lines around the eyes and on the forehead cause an old and tired facial expression, and the lines around the mouth cause a sad facial expression.

Botox blocks the temporary contraction of the facial muscles in these areas of the face. By eliminating the tired, angry and tired facial expression, a wrinkle-free, younger and more vigorous facial expression is achieved.

With Botox, wrinkles and lines on the skin are temporarily eliminated. The effect duration of Botox treatment is around 4-6 months. The duration of effect varies from person to person. This period is affected by age and the condition of the applied area.

When the effect of Botox wears off, the treated area returns to its previous state. It has been observed that the effects of the injection last longer when five or six sessions of botox are applied to the same area regularly.

Botox is an injection procedure. 20 minutes before the procedure, the area to be treated is anesthetized with local anesthesia cream. Application time is 10-15 minutes. No pain is felt after the procedure. Patients can return to normal work life immediately after the application.

It is recommended not to go to the gym, hairdresser or sauna on the day Botox is applied, and also not to go to the pool for 3 days. On the same day, attention should be paid to the sleeping position and one should not sleep face down.

How Does Botox Work?

It affects the transmission between the nerve and muscle. The muscle stops contracting temporarily and the appearance of expression lines that occur due to contraction is alleviated.

The reason why Botox is preferred in the cosmetic industry is this positive effect on wrinkles. When ophthalmologists noticed that there was a decrease in the deep wrinkles of the patients after applying Botox for patients with involuntary contractions (hemifacial spasm), it began to be applied cosmetically to the eye area.

For Which Problems Is Botox Most Preferred?

Botox application is used to reduce deep lines that appear due to the movements of facial muscles, prominent lines in the forehead and neck area, strabismus, and migraine pain attacks.

How is Botox Application?

Botox is not a filling material. Botox is applied superficially to wrinkled tissues with micro needles.

There is no feeling of fullness or swelling in the tissues treated with Botox. The skin looks much tighter and healthier in the injection area.


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