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Macrovision in Yellow Spot Disease

Treatment that improves vision in Yellow Spot Disease!

Yellow spot disease is a disease that usually occurs with advancing age. There are 2 types. It is tried to slow down the progression of the disease with drugs and injections. Yellow spot disease greatly reduces a person’s vision. These patients have a hard time eating and doing their personal needs such as nail cutting because they cannot see details. They usually need the support of one person. In this case, it is among the conditions that reduce the quality of life for patients.

This situation of yellow spot patients whose progress cannot be stopped and whose vision level cannot be increased is now a thing of the past. It may be possible to increase the visual level of patients with Macrovision treatment!

What is Macrovision?

Macrovision are intraocular lenses that increase the visual level of yellow spot patients. It can be applied to patients with advanced macular degeneration and central retinal patients if their eye structures are found suitable. With this application and glasses worn far and near, a telescope system is created. After the treatment, the patients’ vision levels increase.

Is Macrovision only applied to yellow spot patients?

Macrovision can be applied to yellow spot patients, as well as for the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa disease, popularly known as chicken black. At the same time, it can be applied in other diseases affecting the yellow spot, in trauma cases where yellow spot damage has occurred.

Is there an age limit?

It can be applied to all patients who are 18 years of age or older and whose eye structure is found suitable for this treatment.

Can be applied together with cataract surgery

Macrovision can be applied together with cataract surgery, as well as for yellow spot patients who have had cataract surgery before, for 10-15 minutes. In other words, previous cataract surgery is not an obstacle for this application. Patients can experience the increase in their vision after macrovision before the operation by performing a simulation examination of the application during the clinic examination. Now, with Macrovision surgery, yellow spot patients of all ages can see better both far and near with glasses.

What are the Advantages of MACROvision Surgery?

MACROvision surgery can be applied together with cataract surgery.

MACROvision surgery results in minutes.

Drop anesthesia is applied and the patient does not feel pain during the operation.

Postoperatively, patients can see better both far and near with glasses.

It can increase the level of vision in yellow spot patients and Chicken black disease.

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