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Blinking Defects in Babies and Children

Children's eye defects are usually noticed by their teachers when they reach school age. Since babies and children are not as active as adults in expressing themselves, regular eye examinations are important. In this context, as Veni Vidi Göz, we created the Veni Vidi Midi concept for our child guests. A new environment that will eliminate the fear of doctors and eliminate the gloom and seriousness of hospitals. With the Veni Vidi Mini concept, our child guests can meet our expert doctor staff without any discomfort.

Early diagnosis is very important, especially in children's eye health. With early diagnosis, many health problems can be treated more easily and quickly for children. For this reason, the Veni Vidi Mini concept is a step towards eliminating the hospital complex for children.

The most common eye defects in babies and children include myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia, which we call refractive errors of the eye. According to the reports announced by the World Health Organization (WHO), myopia, in particular, is seen at an epidemic level in the world. According to the data of the European Eye Epidemiology Consortium; Studies conducted in Europe among the 25-29 age group found myopia in nearly half of the young population.


  • Distance objects are seen blurry
  • It usually occurs in school ages and may increase until adulthood.
  • Degenerative myopia problem may also increase after adolescence.
  • Mostly, the problem of children is not the inability to see clearly, but the inability to see the board.
  • It is usually of genetic origin.



* Objects are seen obliquely.

  • It is the result of different refractions of the eye in bed and vertical. For this reason, light is refracted differently.
  • As distance increases, clarity becomes worse.


  • Nearby It is the blurred vision of objects.
  • Headache and lack of interest in reading are important symptoms in children.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it does not only occur in later ages, but can also be seen in childhood and adolescence.
  • Hyperopia Strabismus may also occur in children.
  • It is usually of genetic origin.

Myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia are refractive eye defects. Problems in vision due to problems occurring in the cornea and lens, which we call the refractive systems of the eye, are therefore called refractive eye defects.

Early diagnosis and treatment of refractive eye defects in infants and children are of great importance. Early diagnosis makes the treatment easier and shortens the process, especially in babies and children who are still developing.

In the treatment of myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia; glasses, lenses or laser technologies are used. However, laser treatment cannot be applied to babies and children.

 refractive eye defects

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